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With over 40 years of experience in legal practice, the law office of Richard W. Meirowitz provides skilled, competent legal counsel in the area of commercial and civil litigation with an emphasis on class action lawsuits involving nutraceutical products. In addition, Mr. Meirowitz practices in the areas of commercial business litigation, employment discrimination litigation, and class action suits in the nutraceutical field.

Practicing in New York City, Mr. Meirowitz has established himself as a dedicated lawyer who puts protecting the rights of his clients as his top priority. His background and work as a consumer advocate add a dimension to his experience that other lawyers do not possess. He provides sound legal counsel and pays attention to each detail to further your case. He has built a solid reputation for his responsiveness and capability at solving complex legal problems.

Nutraceutical Product Litigation

Mr. Meirowitz has established himself as an authority on nutraceutical products. He also has extensive experience and insight in the areas of commercial and business litigation, having handled a wide variety of lawsuits in the federal and state courts in New York. He is skilled at the early evaluation of the risks that you may face in each matter, and he adapts his approach to provide you with sound recommendations and cost-effective solutions. He is your advocate, and he works on your behalf, providing practical legal advice and aggressive legal representation throughout the process.

The Benefits to You

Mr. Meirowitz offers efficient, thorough and strategic counsel to all of his clients, which is just one of the benefits you derive from retaining a proactive and detail-oriented lawyer. To fully protect your rights in difficult disputes, you need aggressive, yet understanding, representation from an attorney that has the experience to help you obtain the best possible outcome. Contact Mr. Meirowitz today for an initial consultation.

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